Part 2 of The Secret Soul Rider

When I got to Elizabeth’s house she welcomed me and we waited for Mrs Smith. Then when she arrived Elizabeth lead us to the druids meeting centre and there I had to do a test. Mrs Smith said that as long as I tried my best I would succeed. At first I didn’t know what she meant but after I finished the test I realised that she meant that every rider is a soul rider, just that some learn to use their strengths to overcome their weaknesses. So I told Elizabeth and Mrs Smith that. Then out of the blue they suddenly told me I passed!

 When we got back to Elizabeth’s cottage, Mrs Smith told me that the “test” I did was fake! The real test was understanding what it meant to try your best and you would succeed! The next thing I had to do was pick a horse to be my soul horse. I picked Poppy as you can probably guess! As Poppy already had tack and I had riding clothes, we were all set to go! “Before you go Ellie, we have something to give you,” Elizabeth and Mrs Smith said in unison.

“A soul rider jacket is what every soul rider needs!” Mrs Smith said as she handed me a blueish lilac soul rider jumper.

“It’s-it’s beautiful!” I cried.

I said that just in time as Alex and Linda almost immediately came down the mountains and asked me if I was ready to go. “YES I AM READY!” I shouted. “Thank you Mrs Smith and Elizabeth. Bye for now,”


The horse market

Ferdinand’s horse market camps in 4 different locations around Jorvik. They are Jorvik stables, Fort Pinta, cape west fishing village and Silverglade. When you visit the horse market for the first time, no matter where it is you always get the same first quests. But when you have finished them and move on to normal quests with the horse market the quests are different depending on it’s location.

The horse market stays in one place for about 2 weeks and is on the road for another 2 weeks after that. so about 2 weeks in a month there is a horse market.

Levels for locked areas

Anything out of moorland stable and Fort Pinta = Star rider level 4 and above

Golden hills valley = Level 14

Valley of the hidden dinosaur = Level 15 to 16

Learn to jump = Level 5 and star rider

Happy gaming

Oh and by the way in case anyone is wondering the southern part of the harvest counties is not open for any level at the moment.

The beginners page

If you have just started star stable or you don’t know much about it read this post!

The goal in star stable is to complete quests, buy new horses and ponies and unlock new areas by getting a high level.

In star stable there are a lot of things you can do and a lot of places you can visit. For example there are :


A club house



Training areas (e.g.: Riding hall moorland paddock)

and many more things ….

Here are a list of the cafes in star stable and where they are:

Stablebucks café. In Jarlaheim

Pinta café and disco. In Fort Pinta

Heavenly heights café .On top of Silverglade Observatory

Ma Anna’s Pastry Shop. In Firgrove

Fort Pinta beach café. In Fort Pinta

Lisbeth at the square. In Jarlaheim

Wolf hall inn café. At the inn by the bridge

The silver fork restaurant. At silverglade winery

There are more in golden hills valley but I don’t know them!

There might be one or two in the valley of the hidden dinosaur but I don’t know them again!

There is a club house in silverglade town hall.  The club house can only be used by members of a club. There are seats in the club house for different position members.( e.g. Club leader, champion, stable girl)

If you are a club leader or owner you can sit in the special chair at the front and host a meeting!

The beaches in the game are incredibly fun and lively. My favourite beach is Fort Pinta beach because the is a sort of diving board for your horse and a area in the sea where you can ride into! Also Fort Pinta beach has a series of deckchairs and things you can lay down on. But the best part of Fort Pinta beach is that it has it’s own café!

You can comment down below about your favourite things about star stable.

star stable big stables

Moorland stables

Fort Pinta stables

Jorvik stables

Steve’s farm

silverglade winery stables

Marley’s farm

Paddock farm stables

Valedale stables

Firgrove stables

Goldenleaf stables

There are more but I have forgot them so if you can think of any more please post them in comments!

star stable races

Moorland stables riding track with tan

Wild bobcat track with Loretta

Moorland pole bending track with josh

Fort pinta track with James

the pony competition with Polly

Steves race with Steve

My new race track with Pauline

The other way round with Pauline

The manor’s riding track with the baroness

The garden competition with agnetha

The baroness’s first show jumping course with Linn

The baroness’s second show jumping course with Linn

The baroness’s third show jumping course with Linn

observatory race with Mario

Marley’s paddock track with Marley

Barrel race with Marley

The large rabbit challenge with Landon

Try the windmill race with Will mill of hill

Hollow woods race with Sophie

Run like the wind with Mr Anderson

Pole bending apocalypse race with Mrs Morse

The brand new Firgrove track with Minka

The hard forest track with Minka

Firgrove’s old forest track with Minka

Jasper’s old race track with Jasper

Old race track, the other way with Jasper

Get a record time on Emma’s forest racing trail with Emma

The apple classic competition with scarecrow Joe

Golden leaf competition track with Ewa

Golden leaf competition track the other way with Ewa

Little jumping course with Ewa

Jorvik stables competition with Barbara

The Jarlaheim horse race with Susanna

The Jorvik stables elite competition with Barbara

The Greendale race with Molly

The challenging Greendale race with Morgana

They are all the races I know of. I think there are more in the valley of the hidden Dinosaur but I don’t know for sure since I haven’t got there yet. Anyway happy racing!